Public technology platform
technology platform for molecular biology
       Technology platform for molecular biology plays a part in the upstream research work of research and development of bio-pharmaceutical, including gene bank, gene cloning, gene expression, etc.

       The basic origin of modern bio-pharmaceutical is R & D and innovation of new drugs at molecular biology level. The construction of technology platform, which serves the upstream course of R & D, can provide enterprises and R & D groups which carry innovation thoughts on the threshold of career with support.

       The number of device is more than 170, which covers fluorescent quantitative PCR, PCR equipment, ordinary centrifuge, high speed freezing centrifuge, ultra-centrifuge, electrophoresis apparatus, hyperpure water system, electroporation instruments, thermostatic bath, electronic scales, PH meter, drying oven, UV transilluminator, table, real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR equipment, gel-vacuum-drying conservator, multi-function scanning imager, ultramicro-UV/ visible spectrophotometer and gel electrophoresis.