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Qingdao National High-tech Development

       Qingdao National High-tech Development Zone was established in November 1992. In August 2006, approved by the Ministry of Science, the High-tech Zone was expanded in northern Jiaozhou Bay to form the main park. In November 2007, Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Qingdao Municipal Government adjusted to establish the new High-tech Zone Working Committee and Management Committee and to give the High-tech Zone municipal economic management authority in order to coordinate and promote the development and construction of the main park in northern Jiaozhou Bay and to coordinate and guide Qingdao High-tech Park, Qingdao New Technology Industry Development Experimental Zone, Qingdao Science and Technology Street and Qingdao Software Park, forming the development pattern of “One District with Five Parks”. On May 31, 2012, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government established the Red Island Economic Zone management system and established the Red Island Economic Zone Working Committee and Management Committee (Preparatory) to manage the party, administrative, economic and social affairs of the High-tech Zone, Qingdao Export Processing Zone, Red Island Street and Hetao Street together with the High-tech Zone Working Committee and Management Committee. Qingdao National High-tech Development Zone covers 36 communities, has a population of 81,000 and a land area of 167 square kilometers. It ranks the 10th among the state-level high-tech zones.

       The Eleventh Municipal Party Congress proposed that the city subdivision on the north shore of Jiaozhou Bay should focus on making high and new, and creating a new high level scientific, technological, humanistic and ecological city. In accordance with this requirement, the High-tech Zone highlights the theme of reform and innovation, vigorously implements five strategies including city-industry integration, innovation-driven strategy, excellent talents, finance-boosted strategy and linking the world, to build a blue high-tech zone characterized by marine economy and international cooperation. On industrial development, it adheres to the blue, high-end and new directions to create the new "1 + 5" leading industries, namely, accelerating the growth of software and information technology, marine biomedicine, marine equipment research and development, high-end intelligent manufacturing, energy-saving technologies and new materials industry based on technology service industry, developing and implementing the industry promotion path of "focusing, gathering, aggregating and fusing", and making efforts to promote the three transformations "from inviting outside investment to industrial organizations, from preferential policies to environment optimization, from dominated by the government to guided by the government". Until today, it has introduced 271 industrial projects with a total investment of about 125.2 billion yuan.

       As to technology services, it has introduced the construction of Chinese Academy of Sciences Optical Institute and other 10 research institutions and R&D bases, planned and constructed six public R&D service platforms. The construction of China and the US (Qingdao) Technological Innovation Park was formally approved by the Ministry of Science and Qingdao Blue Talents Port was put into operation, introducing six academicians and 15 experts of the "National Recruitment Program of Global Experts", the incubator in the construction is 203,000 square meters, 925,000 square meters have been completed, the technology business center in the construction is 450,000 square meters, 180,000 square meters have been completed, introducing 83 equity investment institutions, and the total size of fund amounts to more than 8 billion yuan. As to software and information service industry, it signed contracts with 18 software professional parks around the 30-square-kilometer Qingdao Software Technology City with a total construction area of 4.9 million square meters. Qingdao Blue Bay Network Valley of Investment Promotion Bureau with a total investment of 10 billion yuan plans to build a world-class software industry development demonstration area; 20,000 square meters of incubator demonstration area of the Science, Innovation and Intelligence Valley Project with a total investment of 8 billion has been delivered into use; the Jinmao Wisdom New City Project with a total investment of $5 billion has contracted to build a world-class integrated software industrial park. As to marine bio-pharmaceutical industry, it established and put into operation the largest biomedical industry park incubation center in China with 120,000 square meters, put into operation the stem cell biological treatment local-national joint engineering research center, and introduced 31 biomedical projects with a total investment of 4.44 billion yuan. As to marine equipment R&D industry, CSIC 710 Qingdao Marine Equipment R&D and Industrialization Base went into construction, and the overall planning and design of CSIC Marine Equipment Institute, namely Qingdao International Marine Equipment Technology City Project, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan has begun. As to high-end smart manufacturing industry, there have been 23 robot projects such as MESNAC settled in the robot industrial park with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, and the park was approved as an intelligent robots high-tech industrial park; it is planning to build the national largest 3D printing industry research institute and Qingdao smart industry technology research institute, and two desktop 3D printing production lines have been completed. As to energy-saving technology and new materials industry, it started the construction of Qingdao National Graphene Industry Innovative Demonstration Base based on SUNRED, and introduced four industrial projects such as Nanjing Corfu nano graphene films.
       From January to April in 2014, Red Island Economic Zone realized an industrial output of 6.7 billion yuan, increasing by 36.7%; it realized an industrial added value of 1.33 billion yuan, increasing by 33.6%; it completed a total import and export value of $760 million, increasing by 19.6%. Among them, the industrial output value of the northern park of High-tech Zone reached 4.02 billion yuan, increasing by 81.7%; its industrial added value reached 760 million yuan, increasing by 95.7%; its total import and export value reached $320 million, increasing by 31.2%