Public technology platform
technology platform for research on pilot process
The pilot test platform comprises of production line for pilot process of injection, freeze-dried powder, tablet, capsule, granula, medical equipment and so on.
The major functions of pilot platform consist of research on fermentation technology, cell culture technology, purification technology, preparation technology, quality technology, etc.
The responsibilities of pilot platform cover the dedication to transforming of local research achievements, enhancing industry-university-research cooperation, and the connection and coupling of upper stream, middle stream and lower stream of technology innovation. Meanwhile, the platform plays a part in the formation of technology for systematic engineering application, and in the construction of core competitiveness for research and innovation in regional biological industry.
The number of technical equipment for the platform is 164 in total, which covers fermentation cylinder of different specification, animal cell reactor of different specification, reaction kettle of different specification, any bottling equipment for infections, gland equipment, yophilizer, bottle washer, the capsule-filling machine, aluminum plastic packaging machine, squeezing granulator, micro airflow pulverizer, tablet machine, mini lyophilizer, disinfection plant, lyophilizer for pilot scale, fuming cupboard, centrifugal machine, rotatory evaporator, etc.