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Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park is recognized as one of the First City-level High-tech Business Incubator in Qingdao in 2014
addtime:2015年01月22日   Author:佚名   source:本站原创
Recently, Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Commission issued a document, recognizing Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park as a city-level high-tech business incubator.

Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park Development Co., Ltd. always pays attention to the qualification authentication of the Park. With the help of leaders of Beijing Science Park Development (Group) Co., Ltd., currently many qualifications including “National Overseas Students Start-up Park”, “Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Marine Industrial Park”, “Qingdao Small Enterprises Start-up (Incubation) Base”, “Qingdao Biotech Drugs Public R&D Platform”, “Qingdao Instrumental Analysis Technology Cooperation Base”, “Hongdao Economic Zone Financial Supermarket”, etc. This has greatly improved the brand image and social influence of Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park. As for the next step, Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park aims to apply for the state-level incubator and build a new city of world-leading bio-medical technology.