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Pan Guoping, President of Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park Development Co., Ltd. and His Party Made an Official Visit to the President of Beijing Tongrentang (Grou
addtime:2015年01月22日   Author:佚名   source:本站原创
On September 23, 2014, Pan Guoping, president of Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park Development Co., Ltd., Zheng Yi, Investment Invitation Director, and Feng Yong, manager of Planning and Design Department, made an official visit to Mei Qun, president, secretary of the party committee and general manager of Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd., Wang Quan, deputy secretary of the party committee, Li Bin, assistant to the president, and Qiu Shubing, assistant to general manager.

Pan Guoping and the delegation visited Tongrentang’s production site and production line with GMP certification at home and abroad. Tongrentang is the industry leader in production techniques, tooling mechanization and automation.

Then Pan Guoping discussed with Mei Qun about matters of Beijing Tongrentang’s settling in the Acceleration Park of Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park. Mei Qun said, as a leader in Chinese traditional medicine, Tongrentang presents a historical context of Chinese Medicine and is currently speeding up to promote Chinese traditional medicine in global links, process innovation of new medicine and diversification of commercial channels. Pan Guoping said, Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park, a bio-medical enterprise, devotes itself to attracting enterprises of pharmaceutical industry and promoting their development. They both hoped that Tongrentang could successfully settle in Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park.

Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd. is a state-owned exclusive company authorized by Beijing government and was founded in 1669 with a history of 343 years. Nowadays, Tongrentang Group focuses on innovation and revitalization through science and technology. Tongrentang’s sales revenue, realized profit, foreign exchange earned through exports and the number of overseas customers ranks No.1 in the industry.