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DOBI Global (Qingdao) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Settled in Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park
addtime:2015年01月22日   Author:佚名   source:本站原创
On June 18, 2014, DOBI Global (Qingdao) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a lease contract with Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park Development Co., Ltd. and officially settled in the first and second floor of building 2 of the incubation center of Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park of Beijing Science Park with a leasing area of 3,425 ㎡.

After signing the contract, DOBI Global (Qingdao) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will start to research, develop and produce DOBI ComfortScanTM, DOBI digital dynamic optical breast imaging equipment in Qingdao Blue Bio-medical Park. This product can be used to screen for breast diseases in physical examination for women and can discover, diagnose and distinguish the trend of breast carcinoma in the early stage. Prof. Zhang Guowang, founder of the company and post-doctoral of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, participated in and led the whole R&D process. He owns the intellectual property of this product. After the project is put into production, it is expected that the total amount of profit and tax will be 440 million yuan in 3 years.